Come Back, Mister

A man has been working to dead and returns to the living world as a spirit in someone elses body not knowing that he died and is mingling with other people he didn't know before.

Network: SBS
Country: Korea, Republic of
Release date: 2016-02-24
Official Sites:
Genres: Drama Comedy
Akas: 回來吧大叔, Come Back Ahjussi, Dolawayo Ajeossi, 돌아와요 아저씨, Hello My Precious, Goodbye My Beloved, Come Back Mister, Please Come Back, Mister,
Yoon Park
Lee Hae Joon
Oh Yun Suh
Hong Nan
Lee Min Jung
Shin Da Hye
Kim In Kwon
Kim Young Soo
Lee Ha Nui
Song Yi Yun
Kim Soo Ro
Han Gi Tak
Choi Won Young
Cha Jae Gook