A provocative look at the worlds of horseracing and gambling, told through a diverse group of characters surrounding a California racetrack. The series centers on an intuitive tough guy named Chester "Ace" Bernstein, who has always been involved with gambling, from bookmaking and money laundering to casino operations. Recently released from prison after three years, he teams with Gus Economou, his longtime chauffeur and muscle, to craft a complex plan involving the Santa Anita Racetrack in California. As they plot out Ace's strategy, the pair recruits Turo Escalante, a successful trainer with a sordid reputation. In the meantime, an old trainer nurtures a possible breakthrough thoroughbred, while a ragtag group of four racetrack groupies band together to try to catch lightning in a bottle – as winners of an elusive Pick Six bet.

Network: HBO
Country: United States
Release date: 2012-01-29
Official Sites:
Genres: Drama Crime Sports
IMDb Rating: 8.1
Akas: Фарт, Norocul, Befutó,
Dennis Farina
Gus Demitriou
Dustin Hoffman
Chester "Ace" Bernstein
Ian Hart
Lonnie McHinery
Jason Gedrick
Jerry Boyle
Jill Hennessy
Jo Carter
John Ortiz
Turo Escalante
Kevin Dunn
Marcus Becker
Richard Kind
Joey Rathburn
Ritchie Coster
Renzo Calagari
Tom Payne
Leon "Bug Boy" Micheaux
Gary Stevens
Ronnie Jenkins
Kerry Condon
Nick Nolte
Walter Smith