Mrs. Cop

Choi Yeong Jin takes time off from work and is being replaced by Ko Yoon Jung. Ko Yoon Jung is just back to Korea as she used to be a FBI trainee in the USA.

Network: SBS
Country: Korea, Republic of
Release date: 2015-08-03
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Akas: 미세스 캅, Miseseukap, 미세스 캅 2, Mrs. Cop 2, Miseseu Cab,
Lee Ki Kwang
Lee Se Won
Heo Jung Do
Jo Jae Deok
Shin So Yul
Choi Nam Jin
Kim Min Jong
Park Jong Ho
Son Ho Jun
Han Jin Woo
Lee Da Hee
Min Do Young
Kim Hee Ae
Choi Young Jin
Kim Sung Ryung
Ko Yoon Jung