HBO's violent men-behind-bars drama is an addictive, testosterone-driven soap opera for guys. The eight episodes of the first season set the style for the show: a massive cast of a vivid characters on both sides of the bars, four or five stories unleashed at a breakneck pace and framed by angry, oddball introductions, and a soaring casualty rate. Created by Homicide producer Tom Fontana, this drama quickly earned its rightful reputation as the most brutal show on TV. It's simple chemistry: combine volatile ingredients in a confined space, shut tight, and shake.

Network: HBO
Country: United States
Release date: 1997-07-12
Official Sites: hbo.com
Genres: Drama Crime
IMDb Rating: 8.9
Akas: Тюрьма "Oz", OZ - Închisoarea Federală, Oz - Hölle hinter Gittern,
Ernie Hudson
Warden Leo Glynn
Terry Kinney
Tim McManus
Harold Perrineau
Augustus Hill
Rita Moreno
Sister Peter Marie "Sister Pete" Reimondo
J.K. Simmons
Vernon "Vern" Schillinger
Lee Tergesen
Tobias Beecher
Dean Winters
Ryan O'Reily
George Morfogen
Robert Rebadow
Eamonn Walker
Kareem Said
Granville Adams
Zahir Arif
Lauren Vélez
Dr. Gloria Nathan
Kirk Acevedo
Miguel Alvarez
B.D. Wong
Father Ray Mukada
Craig "muMs" Grant
Arnold "Poet" Jackson
Tom Mardirosian
Agamemnon "The Mole" Busmalis
Chuck Zito
Chucky "The Enforcer" Pancamo
Scott William Winters
Cyril O'Reily
Robert Clohessy
Officer Sean Murphy
Christopher Meloni
Chris Keller
Kristin Rohde
Claire Howell
R.E. Rodgers
James Robson
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Simon Adebisi
David Zayas
Enrique Morales
Edie Falco
Officer Diane Whittlesey
Željko Ivanek
Governor James Devlin
Anthony Chisholm
Burr Redding
Michael Wright
Omar White
J.D. Williams
Kenny Wangler
Kathryn Erbe
Shirley Bellinger
Betty Buckley
Suzanne Fitzgerald
Seth Gilliam
Officer Clayton Hughes
Eddie Malavarca
Peter Schibetta
Philip Casnoff
Nikolai Stanislofsky
Ellen McElduff
Eleanor O'Connor
Lance Reddick
Desmond Mobay
Luis Guzmán
Raoul "El Cid" Hernandez
Erik King
Moses Deyell
Lord Jamar
Kevin "Supreme Allah" Ketchum
Rick Fox
Jackson Vahue
Austin Pendleton
William Giles
Luke Perry
Jeremiah Cloutier
Mark Margolis
Antonio Nappa
Sean Whitesell
Donald Groves
Sandra Purpuro
Katherine McClain
Reg E. Cathey
Martin Querns
Robert John Burke
Special Agent Pierce Taylor
Tony Musante
Nino Schibetta
Patti LuPone
Stella Coffo
Arija Bareikis
Tricia Ross
Charles Busch
Natalie "Nat" Ginsburg
Edward Herrmann
Harrison Beecher
Joel Grey
Lemuel Idzik
Sandra Denton
Officer Andrea Phelan
Jefferson Keane